Comaison: A Big world in a small womb fights the battle for fertility

Author:Hunan Comaisen Medical Technology Co., LTD  Time:2022-9-22

In recent years, hysteroscopy technology has been more and more rapid development and more widespread application in clinical practice, and the use of hysteroscopy for examination and treatment has become a common means in gynecology. Hunan Comaison Medical Technology Co., Ltd. as the country's first intrauterine mirror manufacturer, its research and development of hysteroscopy to achieve the integration of diagnosis and treatment, reduce endometrial damage, in the treatment of gynecological diseases at the same time, can maximize the protection of female fertility, in the context of China's open three-child policy, great social significance.

Hunan Comaisen Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changsha Jinxia economic development Zone, the company's product development is committed to the integration of clinical medical treatment needs and its own technical advantages, long-term focus on optical design and production, 4k optical diagnosis and treatment image algorithm, multi-dimensional imaging, high-performance materials and precision processing manufacturing as the science and technology starting point of medical equipment enterprises. At present, the company has achieved certain research and development achievements in the fields of optical endoscope, 4K medical endoscopy system, disposable electronic endoscope, gynecological dilatation system, and integrated operating room remote service system.

科迈森:小宫腔里的大世界 打好生育率的保卫战

Dedicated to protecting fertility rate leads gynecological micro-innovation standard

"Small palace, big world." The volume of a uterus is only 5ml, and countless lives have been born from it. Although the hysteroscope is small, it can see the big world inside the uterine cavity. Hysteroscopy has many functions. For example, in clinical practice, hysteroscopy can not only determine the site, size and scope of the lesion, but also observe the tissue structure of the lesion surface in detail. Komaison is committed to promoting and realizing the "see and treat" diagnosis and treatment method and concept, reducing the pain of patients and protecting femalefertility.未标题-3.jpg

Comaison star product: "Lingbao One Mirror"


Comaison Star product: Z Mirror (cold knife)

In 2019, in cooperation with Professor Xu Dabao of the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, Komaisen Medical developed and produced the world's first integrated hysteroscope "Ling Bao One Mirror" and Z-type cold knife hysteroscope, uterine stent, pump-free dilator, hysteroscopic water poisoning detection device and other patented products, which realized the integration of diagnosis and treatment, reduced endometrial injury and improved surgical safety. Its full series of instruments are widely used in innovative cold knife plow uterine adhesion separation, cold knife mediastinotomy, cold knife uterine submucous myomectomy, 4mm scoop forceps intrauterine pregnancy removal, etc., in the treatment of gynecological diseases, can maximize the protection of female fertility, has been recognized by experts and professors in major top three hospitals. Has been introduced to the national provincial benchmark three A hospital. It is understood that "Lingbao integrated mirror" because of its lens sheath, including non-invasive end, connected with the endoscope design, the mirror body is thinner, has excellent clarity and transmittance, automatically closes the operating hole, 360 degrees can rotate in and out of the water joint, and high flux in and out of the water makes the access to the waterway particularly smooth. The design of the non-invasive end can realize the integration of diagnosis and treatment, which is more in line with the actual operation and use of clinicians.科迈森4K医用内窥镜成相系统

Comaison 4K Medical Endoscope phasing system

"The pumpkin fiber is delicate, the color restoration is very real, the image is three-dimensional, and the permeability is good." On September 16, in the laboratory of Comaison, Wang Wenchao, general manager of Hunan Comaison Medical Technology Co., Ltd. showed the 4K fluorescent endoscope camera system to reporters. It is understood that in 2022, Comaison has launched disposable hysteroscope, disposable salpingoscope, disposable urethral tube scope, disposable uterine stent, 4k fluorescence camera system and other products. These products not only help doctors improve their business ability, but also help patients reduce the chance of related complications and shorten the recovery cycle, which is widely praised by doctors and patients.

Open the pace of innovation to promote the intelligent process of operating room

From hysteroscope, laparoscope and other medical equipment products to high-definition, 4K and other medical camera systems, and then to the full set of digital operating room solutions, the pace of development has never stopped. The construction of information technology has driven the rapid development of multiple segments of the medical industry to the direction of digitalization and intelligence, and the construction of hospital operating rooms has also begun a new upgrade. Comaisen digital integrated operating room in the full swing of information construction to gradually replace the pace of traditional operating rooms.王文超介绍科迈森数字一体化手术室

Wang Wenchao introduced Comaisen digital integrated operating room“

The digital integrated operating room is the latest application of today's medical, information, artificial intelligence, digital communication and other technological developments, and can be called the 'aircraft carrier' in the operating room." Wang Wenchao introduced that the digital integrated operating room can systematically integrate information about patients, so that surgeons, anesthesiologists, and surgical nurses can obtain comprehensive patient information, more image support, accurate surgical navigation, and smooth external information exchange, providing a more accurate, safer, and more efficient working environment for the entire operation. At the same time, it also provides a reliable channel for surgical observation, surgical teaching, distance teaching and remote consultation, thus creating a high success rate, high efficiency and high safety of the operating room. In addition, the digital integrated operating room can also meet the real-time sharing of surgical videos and medical image data, full HD live surgery, remote teaching and remote consultation, to facilitate other doctors to communicate and academic related discussions.

Building the world's leading digital and visual operating room system, making digital surgery services, improving surgical efficiency, training surgical talents, strengthening the communication between surgeons and patients' families, and enhancing medical exchanges are the core purposes of Comaison Medical's construction of digital integrated operating rooms. It is worth mentioning that the 4K host camera system +4K laparoscopy + digital surgery system of Comaison Medical is the only product in China with a full-link brand, which realizes seamless docking, can perfectly connect with the hospital HIS system, achieve 4K image quality real-time broadcasting and other functions, and guide the digitalization process of the entire operating room.

It is understood that Comaison Medical completed the nationwide market layout in 2021, there are nearly 20 provincial contracted partners, more than 200 secondary channel partners, and the number of provincial cooperation teams has reached nearly 500 people, achieving product promotion and project transformation, and provincial teams actively carry out training work. From the market education, doctor education, patient education, has made significant market progress. In particular, the field of surgery and gynecology has been praised by domestic users, and Comaison's "Lingbao integrated mirror" and "Z mirror (cold knife)" have become star products in the domestic market, replacing the phenomenon that foreign brands have occupied the Chinese market for many years.

In the future, Meisen Medical Technology will further improve the level of intelligent diagnosis and treatment in the field of gynecology, enhance the research of original technologies and products, promote the integration and clinical application of artificial intelligence, innovative technological products and high-tech products in the field of gynecology diagnosis and treatment, help the development of this field, and continue to escort the protection of female reproductive health and fertility in China!