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Minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of wisdom

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Hunan Kemisen Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a medical device manufacturer with optical diagnosis and treatment, 4K medical imaging, liquid injection molding high-performance materials and precision instrument manufacturing as the starting point of science and technology.

Comaisen adheres to the business philosophy of integrating "production, learning and research" and sets up its headquarters in Changsha Jinxia Future Science and Technology City. As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has an excellent team, rigorous management, professional equipment, excellent optical design level and production technology, and has established cooperation with a number of well-known hospitals in China to jointly discuss the hot and difficult problems in clinical application. Through the small world, create infinite future. Comaison always focuses on the continuous innovation of science and technology, helps academic promotion, and strives to create a Chinese business card in the medical equipment industry.


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