Conference briefing | The 10th Family Planning Academic Conference of Shandong Medical Association

Author:Hunan Comaisen Medical Technology Co., LTD  Time:2023-07-04


Lotus flowers on all sides and willow on three sides, a city of mountains and half a city of lakes. Sponsored by the Shandong Medical Association and the Family Planning Branch of the Shandong Medical Association, "the tenth family Planning Academic Conference of the Shandong Medical Association and the National continuing Education Project of the National uterine scar Pregnancy Study Class" was successfully held in Jinan, Spring City from June 30 to July 2, and experts and scholars gathered together to discuss the hot issues of the development prospect of gynecology.

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Special lecture Intrauterine adhesions

Professor Feng Limin of Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University shared an academic speech on the topic of "Standardized diagnosis and treatment of endometrial diseases is fundamental to homogenization" on the Internet.未标题-3.jpg

Professor Feng Limin combined a large number of domestic and foreign guidelines on endometrial disease norms and relevant expert consensus, explaining how to achieve true homogeneity in the standardized treatment of endometrial diseases, so that the treatment of diseases is more standardized

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Professor Feng Limin gave Komaison 4K fluorescence endoscopic camera system a high evaluation: under laparoscopy, the advanced algorithm of reflective control, so that patients' lesions can be better presented in front of doctors; Under hysteroscopy, the recognition function of uterine glands in AI algorithm can calculate the density of gland openings. For unique patients, using 4K video to analyze the video in real time is very beneficial for the determination of abnormal glandular opening.

Professor Xu Dabao from the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University gave a lecture on the theme of "New Progress in the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine adhesion". According to the postoperative management, review methods and indicators, a standardized treatment system was proposed.未标题-3.jpg

Professor Xu Dabao explained the splitting method and plowing method of single-joint scissors under the mirror through the surgical video display, and showed the process of post-operative placement of the stent to prevent sticking.

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Professor Xu Dabao recommended the domestic brand Comaison Lingbao integrated mirror and supporting surgical instruments and disposable uterine stent, and pointed out in particular: micro cold knife plow standardized surgical instruments, scissors must be the 40 cm long hard sharp head of the single joint scissors, the handle should be behind the camera, able to rotate 360 degrees; The mirror must be wide-angle, because the wide-angle mirror can see wider in the uterine cavity, so that the judgment is more accurate; The outer diameter of the lens is less than 5.5 mm for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Conference review product exhibition area

The conference was held online and offline simultaneously, and the academic lectures were colorful and warm, showing the great enthusiasm for the homogenization of intrauterine diseases in the academic field of gynecology, and the experts and scholars participating in the conference all said that they benefited a lot.

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In the product exhibition area outside the venue, the guests gave Comaisen unanimous praise. Practicing the concept of people-oriented, accurate and standardized diagnosis and treatment, and helping science and technology to protect fertility, Comaison is making steady progress in continuous exploration.